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Our valuation process is quick, simple and most importantly free of charge

We like to form a personal relationship that will endure throughout the time we work together. All our valuations are carried out at your convenience by Alan or Fraser who will be your point of contact throughout the sales process. Valuation can normally be arranged within 48 hours. We understand that discretion is often required, and are more than happy to visit your premises outside of normal office hours.

Here at Alan J Picken, we believe in a professional and personal service unlike many other firms, who employ sales reps or ‘regional valuers’ who are solely there to sign you up. They’ll sign up any business and then pass you on to an account manager you’ve never met and who has never seen your business in person.

During the valuation visit we will take details of the business and ideally review accounts. We’ll take photos of the premises to reduce the need for follow up visits and will provide a competitive and realistic valuation on the spot.

We can go into as much detail on the visit as required regarding fees, marketing etc. We’ll then leave you to make an informed decision on whether to use our services, there will be no pressure to sign on the day.